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Remodeling My Home to Improve My LIfe

After living in a damaged, dated home for years, I finally decided to change things. I started going through every room to think about which areas I could improve, and it was really fascinating for me to see how much of a difference a new floor or a nice new chandelier could make. Within a few months, my home was really starting to transform with the help of professional remodeling contractors, and I was impressed with how much help they were. Check out this blog for great information that could help you to start making your place into your dream home.


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Remodeling My Home to Improve My LIfe

    2 Ways You Can Make Doors More Accessible For You

    When you need to use mobility assistance devices like wheelchairs or walkers, it can be difficult to navigate through doors and such, even in your own home. The average door is set at 32 inches from one side of the door jamb to the next. Newer homes are being built with a 36-inch door because it meets with ADA regulations, and it's just easier to always build doors that size. However, you may need to have different modifications to your doors in order to make them more accessible and usable for you and your needs.

    3 Tips To Add Storage Space When Installing New Cabinets

    Homeowners often choose to remodel a kitchen because updating this room can provide a significant financial return. A dated kitchen can detract from the value of a home and outdated kitchens rarely meet the needs of modern families. Most remodels will include the installation of new kitchen cabinets. You can easily increase the amount of storage available in your kitchen by making a few simple adjustments to the design of your cabinets.

    Natural Wood Vs. Composite Wood Cabinets

    There are very few home remodels as desirable as cabinet replacement. This is partly due to the fact that many homes are built with cabinets that are generic and ordinary looking. Homeowners often decide that they want to upgrade their cabinets to something that looks more unique and better fits their homes style. Custom cabinet can also be very desirable for homeowners who want to have more space efficient cabinets that can also add value to the property.

    What Issues Can Be Corrected With Shower Reglazing?

    If you are not happy with the appearance of your shower or bathtub, reglazing the tile surround and porcelain tub can help to improve the look of the tub at a fraction of the price of replacing it. This can provide your bathroom with an instant facelift, making it look newer, cleaner and more vibrant. Here are three common issues that can be corrected with shower reglazing.   Removing Mold, Mildew, and Hard Water Stains

    How To Apply Antique Paint Finishes

    Are you going to paint some of your interior walls? Are you trying to find some fun ways to make your paint job look a little more unique? If you don't have a bunch of painting equipment or experience, there are actually some fun and simple ways that you can create unique finishes. This article explains some of the best products and techniques for creating more stylish paint jobs on interior drywall services.

    Want To Remodel Your Kitchen? Hire A Company To Help You Come Up With Ideas

    Remodeling your kitchen can be as simple as changing the sink. But, you may be interested in working on a larger remodel that will have a greater impact on the kitchen. The problem you may have is coming up with ideas that you are excited about and will work for your home. An excellent idea is to hire a kitchen remodeling company like LM Ventures Corporation to help you come up with ideas.

    New Kitchen Hardwood? Comparing Solid And Layered Flooring

    There are a lot of different materials and options you need to consider when shopping for residential hardwood floors. One of the most important things to look at is the actual wood that makes up the individual planks. There are many different types of plank designs, from products that are 100% solid, to layered, composite products. This article compares the various features of these two popular types of hardwood flooring.

    2 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing New Lighting When Remodeling Your Kitchen

    If you are planning to have a contractor remodel your kitchen, you may wonder what you can do to change the lighting in the new design. If so, ask yourself the following questions to get you started on choosing the type of lighting you desire in your new kitchen. How High Are Your Ceilings? One question you can ask yourself when considering your lighting options is about the height of your ceiling.