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Remodeling My Home to Improve My LIfe

Three Features To Include In Your Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

by Clinton Campbell

Having an outdoor kitchen means you can prepare meals and entertain guests all while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. If you are planning to build an outdoor kitchen on your property, there are lots of different design options and features to choose from. Here are just some of those many options to consider adding to your outdoor space to make your outdoor kitchen a luxurious addition to your home.

Fans And Exhaust Systems

You might not have ever thought you would need a ceiling fan outside, but these fixtures can be a versatile addition to your outdoor kitchen. Not only can they add a unique design element to the kitchen, but they can also help to circulate fresh are so your guests don't have to breathe in the smoke from your grill. If your outdoor kitchen won't have a roof or other type of covering, you can instead install an exhaust system much like the vent hood you might have over your indoor stove. The exhaust will direct smoke away from the kitchen area.


Who wants to take stacks of dishes from the backyard all the way into the house? A dishwasher in your outdoor kitchen lets you wash and dry grilling tools, dinnerware, and glassware. Plus, it can also be used as a plate warmer, so you can serve restaurant-quality dishes to your dinner party guests. These dishwashers come in a variety of designs, from matte black to stainless steel, and they can be found in a range of capacities to fit your needs. Remember that you will need to have your contractor handle the plumbing and drainage as part of installing a dishwasher, which means your kitchen may take a bit of extra work to complete.

Brick Fireplace

Your kitchen can be more than just a place to cook. With the right touches, you can create an outdoor kitchen/dining room/living room combination in your backyard. A brick fireplace as the centerpiece of this outdoor space creates a cozy look, and it also helps to keep your outdoor space warm on chilly nights. If a brick fireplace isn't right for you, consider having your contractor install a fire pit instead. You can have a table built around the fire pit to create a unique and beautiful place to serve meals outdoors.

There are countless ways to make your outdoor kitchen a luxurious space to share with guests. By adding functional design elements, luxury appliances, and beautiful focal points, you can create a stunning outdoor living entertainment area.