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After living in a damaged, dated home for years, I finally decided to change things. I started going through every room to think about which areas I could improve, and it was really fascinating for me to see how much of a difference a new floor or a nice new chandelier could make. Within a few months, my home was really starting to transform with the help of professional remodeling contractors, and I was impressed with how much help they were. Check out this blog for great information that could help you to start making your place into your dream home.


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Remodeling My Home to Improve My LIfe

Adding A Basement Apartment To Your Home: Three Things To Consider

by Clinton Campbell

Whether you want to rent out the extra space in your home or you want to create a suite for visiting friends and family, adding an apartment to your home's basement can be a sound idea. As you begin planning your basement remodel, here are some things you'll need to consider to create the space you want for your home.

Exits And Locks

The intended use of the basement apartment will dictate the types of exits and locks you choose for the space. If you'll be renting the apartment out, you'll want to ensure there is a separate entrance/exit, and you'll also want to make sure there is no way to access the rest of the home. This is for both the safety and peace of mind of your family as well as your tenants. However, if you'll be using the apartment for a guest suite, you can simply re-design the entrance to the basement. In either instance, you'll want to make sure there are locks guests or tenants can use when they want to secure their belongings.

Kitchen Amenities

For a guest apartment, you can add a small kitchenette with a mini fridge, microwave, and cabinet space. This provides some options for preparing meals without having to install a stove and oven. For a leased space, you'll want to think about adding a full, but small, kitchen. Your contractor can help you to design a galley-style kitchen that takes up minimal room while providing access to all of the appliances and cabinets that might be needed. Remember that your contractor will need to run plumbing and electrical to the area to create this space.


Flooring is an important decision for your new basement apartment. If you are at all concerned about potential flooding in severe weather, you'll want to skip the carpeting and go for something a bit more durable. You can choose stamped concrete, which can be made to look like tile, wood, or stone. This option is great for withstanding water and moisture, and it comes in a variety of designs so you can create a stunning look. Add plush area rugs throughout the apartment to soften the floors and add a bit of color to each room.

Your contractor can help you to create a beautiful floor plan and design for your basement apartment. Once the plans are set, you can focus on materials and colors to make the apartment a welcoming place to stay. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Everlasting Homes.