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Remodeling My Home to Improve My LIfe

3 Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Senior Safety

by Clinton Campbell

Everybody needs access to the bathroom. But for seniors, the bathroom can be a dangerous place. Hard floors, moisture, and inaccessible fixtures can all pose hazards to seniors who suffer from limited mobility, muscle weakness, vision impairment, and other conditions. However, it's possible to make the bathroom much safer for seniors with a few modifications. Take a look at some bathroom remodeling tips for seniors:

Replace the Ordinary Bathtub With a Walk-in Bathtub

Ordinary bathtubs are not only slippery, they require a high step just to get into the tub, which can be difficult for people with limited mobility and those who suffer from chronic pain caused by conditions like arthritis. A walk-in bathroom can make bathing considerably safer and more comfortable.

Walk-in bathtubs are lower to the ground than ordinary bathtubs, which makes the most dangerous part of the process – getting in or out of the tub – much less hazardous. Additionally, most walk-in bathtubs include other safety features, like non-slip flooring, handrails, and a shower seat, which allows the person bathing to sit without having to lower themselves all the way to the ground. Choosing a model with a removable showerhead can also make bathing and showering easier.

Upgrade the Lighting

Poor vision is responsible for a lot of the bumps, bruises, and falls that can occur in the bathroom. Improving the lighting in the bathroom can prevent accidents.

Recessed lighting creates shadows and dark corners that can be hazardous. Consider installing chandelier-style lights that increase ambient lighting and help cast a uniform level of light around the room. You may also want to install higher wattage bulbs. Painting the walls with a white matte finish can help increase the reflectivity of the light in the bathroom, further brightening up the room.

Adjust Heights Where Possible

Bending or stooping can be harder for seniors than it is for younger adults. Adjusting heights of fixtures where possible can increase the safety and comfort of the bathroom.

For example, there are senior-friendly toilets that you can install in your bathroom that are higher than ordinary toilets, so seniors don't have to bend as far to use the toilet. It might also be helpful to raise the bathroom sink to a higher position. Reaching too high can also be difficult for seniors, so lowering cabinets or shelves to a level where seniors can reach them without having to stand on their toes or reach up can also help improve safety.

Making senior-specific safety modifications in the bathroom can help seniors maintain their independence while preventing injury. A good bathroom remodeling contractor can evaluate your bathroom and make suggestions that will help improve senior safety.